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Autostart programs with administrator privileges

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Elevated Startup is free software and a one-man endeavor. If you find it useful, please make a donation. I greatly appreciate any support!


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What is Elevated Startup?

Windows does not have a good way to autostart programs with administrator privileges. This program gives you a new directory in the start menu where you can put shortcuts in, which are started with administrator privileges when you login.

Depending on your UAC settings, you might still get one UAC prompt. On startup, Elevated Startup first relaunches itself with administrator privileges (this is where you might get a UAC prompt), after which it starts the items inside the directory.

The download link above is a 64-bit executable. If you need a 32-bit version, download it here.


2015-03-08: First release.

For an RSS feed with new releases, use the GitHub release feed.


You can report issues on the GitHub page or ask questions on my subreddit.

When reporting bugs, please specify what version of Windows you are using, and be sure to include any error messages you might see.


Elevated Startup is free software and licensed under GNU GPL v3. Get the source code on GitHub.

You may redistribute Elevated Startup on your own website, but please provide a link to this website on the same page. Please do not bundle Elevated Startup together with toolbars or other annoying adware, or otherwise degrade the experience.


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