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Take screenshots of entire websites.

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What is One-click Screenshot?

This extension is very simple. With just a few clicks, you can take a screenshot of an entire website and save it to a png file. There is no bloat or any fancy post-processing. The extension is open source.

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Note: Chrome 59 added a built-in way to take full-page screenshots with less issues than this extension. You should consider using it on websites that this extension may have issues with (e.g. page headers/footers, floating elements, etc.).

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Note that Firefox has a mandatory review process when updating addons. Therefore the Firefox version will not be out until a few days after I post a news item about it.

2017-01-29 - v0.0.3

This is just a minor update to show better errors when attempting to screenshot certain domains.

In Chrome, extensions can’t inject scripts on the domain In Firefox, extensions can’t inject scripts on certain domains. If you have a need to take screenshots on these domains, you can use the other browser to take them, i.e. use Firefox to take screenshot on, and use Chrome on domains.

Thanks to this extension working in both browsers, you can still get what you want.

2016-12-31 - v0.0.2

First update! This actually comes with rewriting most of the extension. It is now much more reliable. Before you could easily get the same spot of the page twice in the screenshot, and horizontal scrollbars on every frame as well. Most of those problems are gone now. There are still problems with absolutely positioned headers and sidebars, but that’s a problem for another version.

Because I use one async function in this update, this version requires Chrome 55 or later. Firefox will support async functions in Firefox 52, so for now there’s an extra wait of 500 ms at the very end of taking a screenshot.

2016-09-04 - v0.0.1

First release. I made this extension after I became tired with the increasing amount of bloat on the extension I was using previously. I hope you enjoy it too.