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Translate AltDrag

Before you start translating, I recommend that you take a look in the source tree and see if your language already has been translated, or if an out-of-date translation exists.

AltDrag can be translated via an ini file. Download the English Translation.ini file. Save it in the same directory as AltDrag.exe. Start translating the strings and launch AltDrag to try it out.

Note: There are files called strings.h in the source tree. These files are used when hard-coding the translation into AltDrag, and you normally do not need to create this file (or submit it to me). After your translation has been accepted, I will automatically generate this file from your Translation.ini.

Look for your language code in the ISO 639-1 standard, and your territory code in the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 standard.

Some things to note:

The installer

The installer has to be compiled to be translated. Download installer.nsh and translate the strings. Include it in your submission.

It is possible to build the installer without compiling AltDrag itself, so it is not that difficult to test by yourself. You still have to download the source code and NSIS Unicode. Reading the build page is helpful for this step.

Once you have the source code, create the directory bin inside the directory you checked out, and copy the files AltDrag.exe and hooks.dll to it. If you have HookWindows_x64.exe and hooks_x64.dll, you can copy those as well.

You then need to add a line in localization/installer.nsh to make your language appear. To make the installer update the ini file with your language after install, you need to add a line in the middle of installer.nsi.

Then use the NSIS wizard to compile installer.nsi.

If the installer isn’t prompting you for a language, it means that it has stored the language you used previously. Simply uninstall AltDrag using the installer, and then try again.

Submit the translation

Checklist before you submit your translation:

Then either create an issue report and attach the files, or create a pull request from a forked branch.

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